April 10, 2013 #622

Then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and in the sea, and all that is in them, singing. Rev 5:13a (NRSV)

The old Sanford Long Term Care Facility had a large cage with a number of birds in it. Unfortunately, when the new Long Term Facility was completed the birds never made the move to the new building. I miss those birds. The cage was in the same room that I would hold worship services. They loved to sing and would join in during the singing of certain hymns. It was always interesting to observe which hymns they would sing along with and which ones they didn’t. I thought Then I heard every creature singing.of those birds again this week as I read the passage from Revelation. Many Christians believe that since humans were created in the image of God only they have the ability to praise God. We tend to forget that God not only created human beings but also created all the creatures on the earth. John reminds us that every creature has the ability to sing praises to God. In the morning when I sit in my hot tub I can hear a chorus of praise from the robins singing from the trees. I have heard frogs croaking their praises and the cat lying on my lap purring his praises. But it is hard for me to imagine the garter snake in my back yard praising God or the walleye in the Missouri River singing. Maybe it is not for us to hear in this life. But can you imagine what the songs of praise will be like in heaven. I will finally have a great voice to sing praises to God. But more important I will be joined by the angels, and a multitude of Christians. On top of that every living creature in heaven and on earth and in the sea will join in, including the snakes and fishes. Wow. I can’t imagine what that will sound like but I am sure it will be awesome.