John 1:29-42

This Monday we celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, to remember and honor the work of MLK during the U.S. civil rights movement. His work revealed the injustices of segregation and racism and called society out on the hurt, pain, and destruction these things caused. He also pointed with hope to a future where people everywhere could one day live as equal and valued children of God. Ultimately, we could say, he was seeking something that only Christ could bring: wholeness and reconciliation to a broken world.

John the BaptistIn this past week’s Gospel text, we heard of other witnesses. John the Baptist once again witnessed and testified to who Jesus is: the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, the Son of God. At the moment they heard these words, two of the disciples went to see what this Jesus is all about. They only knew what John has told them, and that Jesus himself had invited them to “come and see”, to remain with him and journey on the road to his earthly ministry, death, and resurrection. Their witness continued to tell and share who Jesus is, and point to the grace, peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation that only he brings to our world.

This witnessing to Jesus Christ, and bringing awareness of injustices in our world do not just belong to people like Martin Luther King, Jr., John the Baptist, or the early disciples. It is also ours today. As you go about your week, consider your passions or local and global concerns, and how you might witness to who Jesus Christ is through your involvement in them. Where is Christ present? How might you abide with him and be a witness amidst the difficulties you face in all that you do for your loved ones and people around the world?